Sunday, March 27, 2016

Issues is Hoping Fans Think Their New Album is "The Realist"

Lead clean vocalist Tyler Carter of Issues has announced the coming of the metalcore band's second album titled "Headspace". The singer posted the news via his Facebook page, and claims that the album is scheduled to be released on May 20th 2016.

Headspace Tracklist:
1. The Realest
2. Home Soon
3. Lost-n-Found (On a Roll)
4. Yung & Dum
5. Made to Last
6. Flojo
7. Hero
8. Coma
9. Rank Rider
10. Blue Wall
11. Someone Who Does
12. I Always Knew
13. Slow Me Down

Following the departure of Carter and unclean vocalist Michael Bohn from their former band Woe, Is Me, they formed their new band "Issues". They then recorded their debut EP, Black Diamonds, which was released on November 13, 2012. The EP featured some of the heaviest tracks the band has produced, including the powerful track "King of Amarillo.

The song is the product of the former bandmates unpleasant break up, and emphasizes the differences that emerged within in the group. Aside from dissing their old bandmates, Issues used the EP to allow listeners to get a sense of what the new band was all about. 

Due to Carter and Bohn already being well recognized within the metalcore community, the band gained popularity at a rapid pace. After touring with bands such as Of Mice & Men, Beartooth, and Sleeping With Sirens, the band released the single "Hooligans" and began recording their self-titled debut album throughout 2013. The band released their album "Issues" on February 18, 2014. It peaked at number 9 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, selling 22,000 copies within its first week. 

The band has revealed via Carter's Facebook page, that a new album titled "Headspace" is to be released on May 20th 2016. 

Carter and Bohn discuss what separates their new album from previous installments of the band’s catalogue. “Everybody [in the band] has got their own taste and style,” says Tyler Carter. “It is like putting six different flavors into a stew and being able to complement it and stir in things that aren’t bitter.”

This ability to mix and match different musical styles could quite possibly be the reason for the bands ability to obtain fans who might not typically be fans of the metalcore genre. The band continues to push musical boundaries in new single "The Realist". The song is composed of funky base riffs and a country undertone blended into a heavy pop-punk sound.

The album is to be strategically released only a short time before the band begins their summer long road trip with the alternative music festival "Warped Tour". 

Although Its unclear how much fans will accept the albums new sound, it seams as though nothing will stop this adventurous group of musicians from testing their musical boundaries. 

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