Sunday, February 28, 2016

The End Of Black Sabbath

Sabbath is Back! Just when it looked like they would  never come out with new material, the band decided to drop a new EP. It features original artwork by Shepard Fairey, a member of the "Obey Giant" street art campaign. The EP consists of eight tracks, four of which are never before heard outtakes from Black Sabbath's worldwide No.1, Grammy award-winning album "13". The other four tracks are live renditions from the band's critically acclaimed "13" world tour.

"The End" track listing:

01: Season of The Dead
02: Cry All Night
03: Take Me Home
04: Isolated Man
05: God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13)
06: Under The Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13)
07: End Of The Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)
08: Age Of Reason (live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)

 The EP was designed to coincide with the bands final farewell tour. In fact, the only copies of the CD that are available for purchase are currently on tour with the band. That means the only way to get a copy of the EP is to purchase is at Black Sabbath's merchandise table during "The End" tour.

This will be Black Sabbath's last tour.

As if a final tour wouldn't draw a large enough gathering of metal heads, the idea to sell the last original songs Sabbath will ever produce exclusively at their concert's is brilliant. Just to entice their fans even more, the band took down the new songs that could previously be found on YouTube. Instead Sabbath produced a teaser video with behind the scenes footage and band member commentary. This helps promote the sad truth. This tour will be the last time this masters of metal will ever perform on the same stage again.

The crazy train has left the station for one last time, but the legacy of Black Sabbath will continue to live on through the ages.

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