Sunday, January 31, 2016

Menacing Metal Music..The Misunderstood

Ahh yes here it comes, a classic conversation starter, a question we have all either asked or have been asked.. "what kind of music do you like?" Generally the response differs between people, but ask enough times and you can almost guarantee that at least one of those responses will be "ehh, I like pretty much everything." Wow. Now as a contribute to the conversation you can receive that response in 3 ways. One, this person truly does not discriminate when it comes to musical taste. Two, maybe this person is really into music and does't feel like listing it all off. Three, this person has no idea just how many different genres and sub genres there are. This leads me to wonder how often musical genres get discredited through a combination of stereotypes, personal preferences and lack of musical knowledge. By performing a simple google search you are able to get a sense of the many different musical genres out there that you may of never even knew existed. The link provided here offers a sense of just how vast the musical library really is, even though it still has some sub genres missing.

Of course, just like everything, you will find people who don't really care to pay attention to or follow music in any way. Of course in contrast there are those who live, breath and eat music. The people with passion for what they listen to. All different genres have their following, but from my observations fans of metal music rank among the most loyal and knowledgeable group in the realm of musical interests. Now excluding the die hard metal heads, a lot of times people might enjoy music from artists they had no idea was even classified as metal. This link allows you to see just how many different sub genres there are along with examples of groups that resinate within each different section.

This then leads to what the actual purpose of this blog is. After reading "How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog," by Darren Rowse it became clear what I had to do. The idea is simple. Although this is a niche blog that is seemingly targeted towards people who enjoy metal music, that is not the entire focus. To better explain this I must first explain the process. The nature of the blog is as follows: Every week I will choose a different metal sub genre to discuss. What I will discuss will consist mainly of a brief history, along with a few facts and stories that correlate to the topic. Also to be included in each post will be a number of different bands that you may or may not have realized were categorized accordingly. Although this isn't to discourage any knowledgeable metal heads from reading as there is always more to be learned. By making the experience randomized and as informational as possible, my hope is that both those people who love metal and the people who don't know much about the world of metal can become more familiar or even possibly interested in this ever expanding genre. 

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